Academic Panel Fall 2021: The Intersection of Science, Technology, and Art

Ever wondered how the seemingly at-odds worlds of science and technology interact with the world of art? Come on out on Thursday, November 4th at 5pm for HPSUS’s Fall 2021 academic panel on the Intersection of Science, Technology, and Art!

Four experts with diverse backgrounds will hash it out and discuss questions such as: How does technology give rise to new art forms? How crucial has art been in driving forward the development of science? Should scientists and artists have interdisciplinary training to allow the fields to more fruitfully interact? This lively discussion will be followed by an open audience Q&A.

In-person spaces are limited to 20 spots, but the event will also be live-streamed over Zoom. Register early to secure an in-person spot!


Roberta Buiani & Adriana Ciocci

Emanuel Istrate & Michael Page

To attend, please RSVP on Eventbrite (CLOSED), or reach out to us over email with your questions.