STMS Conference 2024: Call for Papers

Eighth International Undergraduate Research Conference on  

Science, Technology, Medicine, and Society (STMS) 

To be held online at the University of Toronto 

March 21–22, 2024 

Conference Theme: Individuals and Institutions of Science 

While it is clear that individuals and institutions shape science, technology, and medicine (STM), a significant challenge lies in illustrating how their interactions evolve over time, molding and remolding various STM landscapes and their broader significance in the world. This conference, drawing on humanistic and social studies approaches, aims to illuminate the dynamic interplay between individuals and institutions across a range of STM landscapes and time frames. How do individuals and institutions interact in ways that shape STM research at various scales, from the local to the global, for the better and for the worse? How does international collaboration among STM individuals and institutions influence the way global challenges are framed, contested, and addressed? How do individuals and institutions contribute to STM education and what challenges do they face? How do diverse perspectives and interests associated with differently situated individuals and institutions mix and clash in ways that shape and reshape how STM gets done? How do the individuals and institutions of STM balance the objectives of promoting transparency and safeguarding their intellectual property? How does communication within and about STM affect media representation and public perception of these fields? In what ways do ethical considerations impact the STM work of both individuals and institutions? How are individuals and institutions portrayed in humanistic and social studies of STM? How should STM individuals and institutions be held accountable for the consequences of their work? How do academic, professional, and other institutional structures and reward systems influence the goals, work, and lives of individuals in STM? 

The Eighth International Undergraduate Research Conference on Science, Technology, Medicine, and Society at the University of Toronto invites student submissions that examine the interaction and intersection between individuals and institutions in STM. Topics may include but are not limited to: science policy and funding, philosophy of science, history of science, global collaboration, intersections between people and artificial intelligence (AI), and other topics focused on the institutions and individuals of science. We also invite submissions on other issues related to Science, Technology, and Medicine (STM)in historical and contemporary contexts throughout the world. As an interdisciplinary gathering, we encourage students to submit papers from across the arts, humanities, social sciences and natural sciences—check out our 2024 conference webpage to view more information and examples of previous abstracts.

Interested students should submit an abstract (250 words) and a brief bio (50 words) by February 7th, 2024 using the following link.

Note: all papers selected for the STMS Conference will be offered publication in our undergraduate journal, Almagest. Students are welcome to submit to both the Conference and Almagest Call for Papers.

If you have any questions, please contact Stephanie Cui at:

All applicants will be notified by February 20th, 2024.